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Keeping Our Clients Happy with Outstanding IT Services

Our amazing team works diligently to provide the solutions for any and all business technology needs. Read what our clients are saying:

Michael A.

General Manager

Manufacturing Industry

"One of the Best Business Decisions We Have Made!"

Partnering with allCare IT has provided us with a world-class partner, freeing us up to focus on our core business.

Their in-depth knowledge and unyielding focus on end-user support and IT security combined with their professionalism and outstanding customer service, makes the allCare IT team the perfect partner.

Thanks to them, we are more productive day-to-day and are much more secure. Their entire team really cares about the businesses and people that they work with and it shows every day.

Enlisting allCare IT to provide our IT managed services continues to be one of the best business decisions we have made. I sleep much better knowing that allCare IT is our partner.

Peter P.

Vice President

Services Industry

"We have found a true business partner in allCare IT"

We are completely satisfied with the level of service we receive from allCare IT and are always treated as a valued member of their ever growing network of clients. They have made our past IT issues and concerns go away completely with Managed Services. Prior to signing with allCare IT, we would often have one of our terminals go down, leaving an employee without the required tools they needed to function in their roles. Now the health of all our devices are monitored, repaired or replaced prior to any service interruption allowing us to service our customers with the speed and efficiencies they are accustomed to.

Over the past several years we have developed a great relationship and have found a true business partner in allCare IT. It’s terrific to find a company that takes our IT concerns as seriously as we do, allowing us to work throughout the day without any worries. Their level of expertise and professionalism are shown throughout the entire team and the level of knowledge and commitment to service continues to amaze me.

If you are considering partnering with allCare IT, my advice is to take the plunge!!! You will be very impressed with the level of professionalism. allCare IT employs the absolute best techs in the area, each and every member of the team takes great pride in what they do and ensures their customers are treated fairly in a very timely manner with all their requirements met.

"They take pride in their work and share in your success"

I love that I can just ask for help and then not think about it. I don't have to spend time trying to solve the problem myself (when I probably don't know what I'm doing) and I get an email update when the problem has been resolved, so I don't waste time checking back. I spend my time serving my clients through income-generating activities. Thanks for such an efficient and effective system I can rely on!

Katherine B.

Professional Services

We used to have to manually check every file against the billing system reports – it would take days to get through the files! With Report Checker, (custom software built by allCare IT) we now run 4 reports, put them through the checker and BAM! Any issues found pop up in the report the checker generates! It has saved us many hours of manual labour and aggravation – it takes less than 5 minutes from start to finish. I can’t recommend this report checker enough – it’s literally life changing!

Jen F.

Kingston, Ontario

I would definitely refer anyone to allCare IT because of their excellent customer service. When contacting the office, I am able to reach someone either by email or by telephone and actually speak directly to a live person. Also, the personnel are very friendly, courteous and helpful in answering all of my questions. Not being even remotely an IT person, I have lots of questions in order to try and understand. They are very patient with me.

Debra D.

Business Services

"allCare IT knows what they are doing"

Since moving to managed services with allCare IT, our office is finally being taken care of! We are not put off to the side while the IT guys deals with a bigger company that “makes them more money.” We feel that we are important to them!

The team is very knowledgeable and experienced. They are not on the phone calling for help all the time like IT companies we have had in the past.

This company knows what they are doing! They are reliable and very nice and friendly to deal with too! Every time I call, I get a phone call back within a half hour. And they are fixing the issue I have.

Shana O.

Dental Industry

"All of our Systems Work Flawlessly Thanks to allCare IT"

We appreciate allCare IT’s reliable and trustworthy professional services for all of our IT needs.

They have friendly service and offer solutions that work. In our circumstances this saved costly monthly fees in exchange for available free services.

Rob B.

Construction Industry

Peter F.

Office Manager

Dental Industry

"Feel Confident In Using allCare IT!"

allCare IT has provided consistently fast and personalized service for our business for years. All the technicians understand the need to keep the IT side of our business functioning and reliable. They provide prompt and efficient service to accomplish this.

If it’s a large-scale project or a small tweak here and there, they manage each task with the same level of urgency and attention. In our business (health care), we and our patients heavily depend on stable IT infrastructure to ensure electronic claims are processed effectively.

Moving to Office 365 allowed our business to know that we have the latest software with the automatic update feature. The software is visually pleasing and well laid out. I also appreciate that I can keep up with emails via the Outlook app on my phone.

We value allCare IT’s high-level service with a local, personal touch. If someone is debating on IT firms, feel confident on using allCare IT!

Alan K.

Vice President of Finance

Hospitality Industry

"Fast, Friendly and Professional Service!"

allCareIT provides great customer service in a professional manner, all the staff are very helpful and friendly. I also like that I can talk directly to one of the principals if I need to.

With allCare IT, I can rest assured that we have the latest version of programs and our licensing is always up to date. We appreciate the ability to work and share files online with others in the company and to work on our files regardless of where a user is located or what system they are using.

allCare IT excels at offering new ideas/software that will work for our company. We have peace of mind knowing that they are working to protect our data, websites etc. from others.

"Choosing allCare IT was one of the easiest business decisions we have made yet."

allCare IT lets us know what we’re missing rather than having our staff attempt to figure out what we need technologically. Our monthly account meetings have been highly effective at increasing our IT productivity and safety as well as our staff’s knowledge on how to keep not only our devices but our multiple businesses safe from online risks.

The biggest benefit allCare IT has provided our corporation is finding our security infringements and quickly assisting our staff with closing the gap on our exposure to potential technological threats.

Choosing allCare IT was one of the easiest business decisions we have made yet. We have a much clearer picture of our IT infrastructure and have made large strides in improving our IT initiatives throughout our group of companies.

Lisa W.

Construction Industry

"Exemplary Service on a 24/7 Basis."

allCare IT has serviced my IT needs over the years for a number of my businesses, as well as personally. They provide personalized service which I have not experienced at other firms. They know my needs and IT problems and design solutions tailored to my business. They have helped me with the purchase of new equipment, improving our overall system performance and have called me back day or night when there was a security emergency.

Moving to cloud services on the advice of allCare IT has given me the security of knowing that my data is protected and that confidential information cannot be compromised. It also allows me to access my data anywhere.

I would recommend allCare IT without hesitation. They provide knowledgeable, personalized and immediate service on a local basis, which few other firms provide.

Charles C.

Financial Services

"Highly Trained to take on a Wide Variety of IT Needs"

allCare IT has a ‘small business’ attitude where all clients are valued with attention. Every team member, including Management, is willing to help you out! They provide responsive service, assisting remotely and with site visits! They don’t just stop at great customer service; their staff are highly trained to take on a wide variety of IT needs.

Lenay L.

Manufacturing Industry

The Frontenac Law Association began a relationship with Cam Matheson 22 years ago. Since then, his team of outstanding technicians continues to meet and exceed our expectations. If there is a solution, allCare IT will find it!

In the past, we have worked with other firms who have disappointed us - from dishonesty to poor communication - none of that from allCare IT. Why go elsewhere?

Jackie H.

Legal Industry

"A Winning Combination"

With allCare IT, we have access to a large team of very experienced IT professionals who have been able to quickly solve every level of problem we have encountered in the last year.

They offer a winning combination: a high level of technical expertise, very responsive customer service, an organized method of processing enquiries, and a group of very pleasant people to work with. We treat them as (collectively) another staff member: our 'IT person.'

Anne Marie M.

Professional Services

Alex B.

Vice President of Business Development

Construction Industry

"Your business cannot afford NOT to have allCare IT as its trusted IT service partner."

allCare IT managed our migration to Office 365 in a very well planned and well documented manner and the execution was equally flawless. It is the greatest benefit and offers peace of mind knowing that our email is safe in the cloud instead of sitting in a mail folder on a local computer hard drive.

The website is typically the first step in introducing prospective clients to Davis New Homes and we are glad that allCare IT provided the needed expertise and service to design and implement this integral digital face to our business. The ability of the site to be updated as we grow and develop more properties made the decision-making process easy when we reviewed the cost commitment of a managed service. The website is doing exactly what we hoped it would accomplish - creating interactions with clients and providing key pieces of data at the initial point of contact that allow our sales team to follow up based on a qualified lead.

Throughout our time working with allCare IT, communication is consistently professional, courteous and meets or exceeds SLA’s. We had very tight deadlines with high demands but allCare IT delivered their products and services on time as promised.

We also have peace of mind because they provide robust, scalable solutions based on industry standard architectures. I rest easy at night knowing that our entire IT infrastructure is in the hands of trusted experts in their respective fields.


Lyn T.

General Manager

Manufacturing Industry

"Their Service Reps Are Great and Highly Skilled - allCare IT gets the Job Done!"

allCare IT provides excellent service. They are easy to access for help and quick to respond. Previous IT providers were unwilling to travel to Napanee to service our office equipment but the technicians at allCare IT are happy to provide great service both remotely or onsite.

Our office was experiencing a lot of issues with email storage and slow Internet, however, allCare IT has totally solved that problem with our transition to Office 365.

I don’t hesitate to give other companies allCare IT’s number and recommend they call and speak with them. I can’t say enough about their company. Their service reps are great and highly skilled. allCare IT gets the job done!

"A Positive and Collaborative Experience"

Our app designed by allCare IT provides a new format and approach to sharing program information with our partners in an efficient and paperless way - it ticks all of the boxes we were striving for! It's allowed for a consistent approach to our development and sharing of content.

They provided excellent response times, great problem solving and effective troubleshooting. When working with allCare IT, you can expect to have a positive and collaborative experience!

Laura T.

Hospitality Services

"Peace of Mind"

The biggest benefit we’ve received working with allCare IT is peace of mind. Knowing that our systems are updated and monitored so it isn’t something we need to worry about. They excel at communication and quick response to issues or concerns. I appreciate that allCare IT is local, experienced and willing to customize their service to our needs.

Robert S.

Financial Services

"Depth of Knowledge is Remarkable"

allCare IT provides top shelf response to urgent requests and the depth of knowledge is remarkable. Focus on client service is centric to their company. Our business has benefited from the ease of access to the data warehouse anywhere.

Debra A.

Business Services

"They take pride in their work and share in your success"

allCare IT is focused on delivering outstanding service to us, whether it requires three people to work the weekend or a quick answer to a simple question. They take pride in their work and share in your success.

By using managed services we have experienced reduced transaction costs and appreciate receiving only one monthly invoice.

allCare IT has learned to completely understand our business, what’s important to it, and the role that IT plays in the customer interaction.

Keith G.

Business Services

allCare IT excels at Communication. The portal and ticket system they use is easy to work with and track. Everything is there in writing. This is much better than phone inquiries, where things can get lost.

They have a proactive rather than reactive approach to IT – working to be ahead of potential problems before they occur. With allCare IT, our business has peace of mind in knowing we have top notch IT support without having a full-time dedicated staff working on-site.

Just read the testimonials from other prominent local businesses who have worked with other IT firms and now work with allCare IT. Leave your IT to the experts!

Karen L.

Construction Industry

"I Can Trust allCare IT"

On allCare IT’s recommendation Coral Services moved to Google Apps which has provided easy access and ease of use for our email. Another benefit we’ve experienced is that our company now has its own presence and identity on the web.

allCare IT consistently gives their best when working on my computers and ensures I have no unanswered questions before leaving. I Can Trust allCare IT.

Ben L.

Construction Industry

"Very Impressed, You can Depend on Them!"

As a small firm I am very impressed how allCare IT makes my requests a priority as if I was a large firm. I have benefited from their prompt service outside of regular working hours.

allCare IT makes your needs a priority and you can depend on them to help solve your problems so that you can get back to work.

Beth S.

Engineering Industry

Becky C.


Home Services

"The Level of Time and Frustration Saved by this Software is Invaluable!"

Previous to using the report checker software developed and installed by allCare, we were reconciling over a thousand monthly transactions manually. This was an extremely labour intensive process that would take up to 2 days to complete each month, and that was if there was no human error! Often the process was so frustrating, that instead of doing the manual reconciliation, we would simply write off the discrepancy at month end. Not good. Now that we have the report checker installed, reconciling our monthly transactions is a breeze! It takes a few minutes to run the report, and all discrepancies are listed in a clean report so that we can fix them in our system before they even happen in the account. The level of time and frustration saved by this software is invaluable. Bonus: Any time we have a software upgrade on our main system, allCare is happy to jump in and adjust the report checker so that everything is compatible. The customer service is just as outstanding as the software itself.

allCare IT have been responsive and proactive in assisting with our IT needs. The team is friendly, knowledgeable and quick to respond to any inquiry. 

They care about our organization's success and security by providing proactive security solutions to help us protect the integrity of our client's data.   

I know we can't completely safeguard our businesses. But I know with the help of allCare IT we have done everything we can do not to show up in the headlines. 

Heidi B.

Financial Services

What sets allCare IT apart is their professional approach and proactive advice. Since working with allCare IT, we have made huge strides in our preparedness.  Now, under their guidance and have a solid base line plan in place to grow from. 

We now have the confidence of knowing that our client's information is safe & secure 24/7.  

You can trust their local, professional team with the expertise to care for all your immediate & future IT needs.

David S.

Financial Services

Tina B.

Chair of the Board of Directors

Not for Profit

"I remain impressed by their service and continue to highly recommend them."

Andy and his team are a delight to work with. From our first meeting - where they listened to our needs and concerns (and budget limitations) to current day I remain impressed by their service and continue to highly recommend them.

I initially chose allCare IT because of their expertise and focus on cyber security. Having a company with deep expertise assume responsibility for overseeing this area of risk gave me great peace of mind. And having access to their managed support is fantastic - their helpdesk is always just a phone call or email away to resolve those annoying computer issues with ease! No more wasted time trying to figure things out on your own! It was a great investment - like having your own IT department available when you need it.

As a nonprofit leader, one of the things that impressed me most is Andy's ability to communicate complex IT issues (risks, problems and solutions) in an understandable way, and his patience in working with you until you fully understand the issues and your options before making final decisions. Simply said, he cares about what is best for your organization, and meets you where you are. I trust him and his advice fully. He and his team are professional, reliable, and a pleasure to deal with.

Andrew O.


Not for Profit

"allCare IT helps us adapt to doing things securely"

allCare IT provides a full IT package that works seamlessly together. As a non-profit the biggest benefit to working with allCare IT is the IT/cyber security - from prevention to user awareness.   

The constant striving to be a leader in cyber security in our community does not go unnoticed. It provides comfort to know they are protecting us the best way possible in an ever-changing world. It is easy to see how much care and due diligence Andy and the team put into helping us maintain a cyber secure environment.   

allCare IT has been super helpful in our transition to a fully digital work environment which allows us flexibility in where we work and how we do our work.  As we learn how to do things differently, allCare IT helps us adapt to doing things securely.  

allCare IT understands we are a non-profit who doesn't have a huge IT budget and helps work within our limits. We always get the option of high, medium, minimum options, so it is clear what we must do and where we should be striving to get to.

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