SD-WAN is fast-replacing traditional MPLS solutions as a more cost-effective and flexible wide-area-networking solution:

  • Accelerate On-Premises and SaaS/Web Applications Globally
  • Fast Performance with Consistently Low Latencies
  • Negligible Packet Loss
  • Fast, Stable and Predictable Performance
  • Fast Deployment of Branch Office Connectivity
  • End-to-End View of WAN Performance
  • Use active-active Link Aggregation for performance and redundancy
  • Load Balancing Features
  • Path Selection Features
  • Single and Dual Link Packet Loss Recovery algorithms
  • Single Vendor End-to-End Managed Solution
  • Compression and Data Deduplication
  • Up to 40x performance improvements for applications
  • 24x7x365 monitoring and help desk support

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