Attention Small to Medium Business Owners/Managers:


Hearing about Cyber Breaches and other threats are commonplace in the news and the business world.

As a business owner what dangers do you give your attention to?

Of course, it would be easier if you had a limitless IT budget, but that’s not very likely.

As a business owner/manager, you need to strategically identify your assets, threats and vulnerabilities to be in the best position to protect your business within your IT budget.

We’re here to help!

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At this assessment, we will help you determine:

  • How you can protect your assets
  • Which threats and vulnerabilities are most risky to your business
  • How to minimize identified threats and vulnerabilities
  • An action plan to take to reduce those risks


"allCare IT lets us know what we’re missing rather than having our staff attempt to figure out what we need technologically. Our monthly account meetings have been highly effective at increasing our IT productivity and safety as well as our staff’s knowledge on how to keep not only our devices but our multiple businesses safe from online risks.

The biggest benefit allCare IT has provided our corporation is finding our security infringements and quickly assisting our staff with closing the gap on our exposure to potential technological threats.

Choosing allCare IT was one of the easiest business decisions we have made yet. We have a much clearer picture of our IT infrastructure and have made large strides in improving our IT initiatives throughout our group of companies."

Lisa W. Senior Director of Property Management
Construction Industry
Kingston, Ontario
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