Does Your Business Need Reliable Phone Service at a Great Price?

It's time to discover allCare IT's VoIP system to take your business communications to the next level!

Our VoIP system unchains your employees and makes business communication more efficient, frequent, and cost-effective.  This technology offers the following features at NO additional costs and our clients love the scalability:

  • Built-in Voicemail and Messaging Services
  • High-Definition, Crystal Clear Voice
  • Auto-Attendant/ Interactive Voice Recording (for optional menus)
  • Call Park, Transfer, Forwarding, Conferencing, and all traditional features
  • Softphone (cellular and desktop) application for work-from-home capabilities
  • Immediate connection to 911 operators
  • Calls to USA and Canada with no long-distance fees
  • SMS and text chat with business line
  • Available on Apple IOS and Android mobile devices, as well as Mac and Windows desktops
  • PBX integrates into several popular desktop applications, including a click-to-call extension for Google Chrome, and a plug-in to place calls, synchronize contacts and send faxes from Microsoft Outlook.

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