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These are the core values we live by at allCare IT

These values drive the company's commitment to delivering exceptional service, fostering trust with clients, and maintaining its position as a trusted technology partner.

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Employee Centered

We maintain a positive work environment where each member of our team feels valued and respected and looks forward to coming to work each day. We do this by having open communication, laughing and having fun and enjoying company perks. Exceptional performance is recognized and rewarded. We will not complain about things we don’t like, but will creatively find ways to deal with them. We provide opportunities for professional development, personal growth and continued education. We show gratitude and appreciation for our employees and employers. We strive for excellence.

Client Commitment

We are committed to our clients’ success and happiness. Our job is to make their technology work in a way that allows them to focus on running their businesses without headaches from technology. We create long lasting relationships with our clients that are positive and enjoyable while getting the job done. Our clients always receive service with honesty and integrity (see below). We will find a solution that fits our client’s budget and is in their best interests.

Honesty & Integrity

Our clients can trust that we will complete all services as promised for a client in a professional, ethical and timely manner as promised. We will be careful and respectful of your sensitive/confidential personal and business data. We only use, install, or support fully licensed software. We will recommend the right solution for our clients, not the easiest or most lucrative solution for us. We don’t cut corners and we will never lie. We do it the right way from the beginning.


We humbly accept responsibility if we make a mistake and do whatever it takes to fix it. If our clients aren’t happy with any aspect of our service, we want to hear about it and we will do what it takes to get 100% client satisfaction. We won’t talk down to clients who are less tech savvy. We welcome constructive criticism and will strive to learn from it. We recognize that our clients have a lot to teach us. We will communicate humbly with our clients, in plain English that they can clearly understand.


In the fast paced, ever-changing field of technology, our clients can trust that we are on top of industry trends and solutions and they are protected against new threats. We do not cling to practices because they are comfortable. With curiosity and a love of learning, we carefully research new solutions available so that we can offer the most effective, up to date and secure IT solutions all the time. We stay ahead of the game so our clients don’t have to.

Empathy & Respect

We put ourselves in the shoes of our clients. If they’re upset about an IT issue, we’re upset too. We feel your pain and share in your successes. This motivates us to be highly responsive. We will be respectful and understanding of the people around us, our clients and our team members. We will treat everyone equally and as we would want to be treated.

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