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With your vision in mind, we’ll design a website that will beautifully convey a clear vision of who your business is and what you do. That clear message along with compelling content and eye catching visuals will clearly communicate to potential clients why they should choose to do business with you. With special attention given to producing a fully functional, easy to navigate layout, your website will be tailored to display flawlessly on all
devices. If you need to sell products online, we’ll design an e-commerce solution to fit all your needs.

Maintenance and Support

Need help updating your website? Our team can help you update your website, build new functionality, and make your website work like never before. The possibilities are endless. Just send in a support request and we’ll be happy to help!

Would you like the ability to add content to your site on your own? Using popular content management systems, our team can create a new website for your business that is easy to use and change content on. Give us a shout and we’ll be happy to get you a quote for your new, easy to use website. You can call our support team at (613) 817-1212, or send an email to:

"I was sick to death of our website and the convoluted work that had been done previously. The allCare IT team understood exactly what was wrong with our former site and what I didn’t want to see on our new site. They were able to resolve all issues that we were having on our old site. I haven’t had to worry about the site since it’s gone live. The team was incredibly helpful. Bejan is a dream to work with. I cannot think of a thing that I didn’t enjoy doing while working with them. You guys have nailed customer service. I love dealing with you guys!"

Lyn T. General Manager
Manufacturing Industry
Napanee, Ontario

"The team at allCare IT made building our new website an easy experience. With the new website, we appreciate that if a new client wants to get a hold of us, the website is particularly easy to send messages through. You can trust allCare IT and the work they do!"

Ben L. President
Construction Industry
Kingston, Ontario

"I Spend my Time Serving my Clients Through Income-Generating Activities"

"I love that I can just ask for help and then not think about it. I don't have to spend time trying to solve the problem myself (when I probably don't know what I'm doing) and I get an email update when the problem has been resolved, so I don't waste time checking back. I spend my time serving my clients through income-generating activities. Thanks for such an efficient and effective system I can rely on!"


Katherine B. Owner
Professional Services
Napanee, Ontario

Stand Out Online

Your business’ website is a powerful tool to connect with and educate potential customers.

allCare IT has the experience and knowledge to bring your vision to life and get your business noticed!

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"We used to have to manually check every file against the billing system reports – it would take days to get through the files! With Report Checker, (custom software built by Opal Labs) we now run 4 reports, put them through the checker and BAM! Any issues found pop up in the report the checker generates! It has saved us many hours of manual labour and aggravation – it takes less than 5 minutes from start to finish. I can’t recommend this report checker enough – it’s literally life changing!"

Jen F. Home Services Industry
Kingston, Ontario

"Previous to using the report checker software developed and installed by allCare, we were reconciling over a thousand monthly transactions manually. This was an extremely labour intensive process that would take up to 2 days to complete each month, and that was if there was no human error! Often the process was so frustrating, that instead of doing the manual reconciliation, we would simply write off the discrepancy at month end. Not good. Now that we have the report checker installed, reconciling our monthly transactions is a breeze! It takes a few minutes to run the report, and all discrepancies are listed in a clean report so that we can fix them in our system before they even happen in the account. The level of time and frustration saved by this software is invaluable. Bonus: Any time we have a software upgrade on our main system, allCare is happy to jump in and adjust the report checker so that everything is compatible. The customer service is just as outstanding as the software itself."

Becky C. Owner
Home Services
London, Ontario

Custom Application Development

Think of a custom application as a tailor-made suit for your business. Every organization has unique needs and headaches. With this in mind, Opal Labs designs custom software to fit your specific needs and improve your
business processes.

Custom software is designed for an individual user or group of users within an organization to address specific needs and to help automate your business. Whether you require users to be able to login, upload and manage
data in any form, or some other need that will help your company to increase it's workflow, we will design a time saving custom solution for your business. Your custom app can also be designed for mobile use, if desired, so that the benefits can be enjoyed by your employees on the go.

Benefits of Custom Software Development Include:


It's tailor-made to the specific needs of your business. You have absolute control over what features your software will include and who has access to it. It can provide support for the specific needs of the business, which might not be available in an off-the-shelf solution. It can be designed to integrate with other software in use as needed.


Increases productivity and efficiency. By using software designed to meet your exact needs, your team will be more efficient and able perform tasks in less time without human errors. Repetitive, time consuming jobs can be done automatically, freeing your employee’s time to focus on more important tasks.


Scalability. As your business grows and changes, your custom software can be designed and built upon to accommodate this growth. You can start small, with only the core-essentials, and then add features later on.


More secure against external threats. Hackers don’t tend to focus their efforts on custom software when the payoff is much larger if they target well known software that is used en masse. Your custom software or mobile application will also be designed with security as a priority.


Support and maintenance. With custom software, you also get a dependable technical support team that was involved in the development process of your application. They are familiar with your software and can handle any issues that arise along the way.


Cost Optimization. With valuable time saved by automating repetitive, time consuming tasks, your employees’ time will be better spent on activities that will make your business money and better customer service.


When you’re looking to buy a product or service, how do you decide who to buy from? Probably you’re like most consumers who search online. As a business owner, you want to make sure that when prospective customers are
searching to buy, they find your business! This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in. We will design all aspects of your website to be fully optimized to be found when searched for online.

It’s very likely that your competition is using SEO, so to be competitive and visible, you need to as well! We build all our websites with SEO to drive traffic to your website because we believe it is not optional in today’s business world. For those who wish to have additional and regularly updated SEO customization, we have packages available.

Let us help you increase your visibility, stand out from the crowd and get more business!


Who you choose to host your website is an important decision that should be based on much more than who has the lowest price. Here’s why:


Load Speed. Load speed is important because visitors will not wait around for your site to load. If they have to wait even a second too long, you may have lost potential new business. With Opal Labs Hosting, your site will load in less than one second (this number can vary because it also depends on the user’s connection and what's being loaded.) Another reason load speed matters is because Google uses it as one factor in determining your search results ranking.


Reliability/Continuity of Service. We understand the last thing you want your clients or potential customers to experience is your website being unavailable when they visit it 24/7. With Opal Labs hosting you will enjoy our guaranteed uptime of 99.9%.

WARNING: NERDY STUFF - There are several server types. Basic, inexpensive hosting is available on shared servers, where one server may run hundreds of websites. On this kind of server, the performance of your site depends on the load all the other sites are putting on the host. Opal Labs uses a VPS (virtual private server) which is designated for your direct purposes. (You still may be sharing an actual server, but the service creates a virtual server of your own.) This means all the resources are yours alone, including memory, storage, processing power etc. This is a safer and much more reliable option that keeps your site separate from the others while still maintaining affordability.


Backups. Backups are a critical service in case of human error (you accidentally delete a page on your website), hacking, and component failure. We also backup our backups in case of a serious disaster at the data centre. Included with our hosting are daily backups with a six month retention. This means that even if a problem is not caught until months later, we can go back as far as six months to restore the data.


Security. Websites can be hacked and defaced which negatively affects Google rankings. To avoid this, we take care of updates on WordPress and plugins which not only enables the site to continue working, but improves security. Firewalls and two factor authentication bolster our hosting security.


Customer Support. Because having an issue with your website is nothing to take lightly, you want to make sure customer service is available, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. Opal Labs prides itself on our personable and responsive team.

"Throughout our experience, allCare IT has excelled at following up and following through. When we inquire, we are responded to in a timely fashion appropriate to the urgency of the need. When we ask for support, the item is taken care of expediently. With Opal Labs taking care of our website, we have total peace of mind. Hosting, security, and support are all well taken care of and we have one less thing to worry about. We can focus on our core business and allow the professionals at allCare IT to take care of us. They are the premiere boutique experience."

Alex B. Vice President of Business Development
Construction Industry
Trenton, Ontario


Location. The closer a data centre is to your visitors, the faster the page loading will usually be. If it is likely all of your visitors will come from one area, like Ontario, choose a hosting provider with a data centre nearby.