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CIO/CTO Outsourcing

CIO (Chief Information Officer) and CTO (Chief Technology Officer) outsourcing allows companies including smaller businesses to access executive-level IT leadership without the expenses related to hiring full-time in-house talent.

How it works

allCare IT can act as your organization’s personal consultant for all matters related to IT. We analyze your needs, work with you to build an IT strategy, and proactively manage your network and systems.

How you will benefit

Access top talent on a flexible basis without the expense of full-time salaries and benefits. Free up your internal resources to focus on their strategic priorities while we handle the day-to-day of your technology needs. Adjust your level of support according to your immediate requirements.

What we can do for you

We have a wealth of knowledge helping various industries with all their IT needs. Benefit from premium technologies and security as we implement industry best practices.

We can manage your entire technology staff

Count on our partnership for everything from short-term projects to managed services. Leverage our understanding of IT governance, security, and regulatory requirements to help your organization thrive.

See what our clients are saying about our services:

“I don’t hesitate to give other companies allCare IT’s number and recommend they call and speak with them. I can’t say enough about their company. Their service reps are great and highly skilled. allCare IT gets the job done!”

Lyn T.

General Manager - Manufacturing Industry

“We have found a true business partner in allCare IT”

“Their level of expertise and professionalism are shown throughout the entire team and the level of knowledge and commitment to service continues to amaze me.”

Peter P.

Vice President - Services Industry