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July/August 2022 - How Secure is Your Email?

September/October 2021 - Kingston Police Warn: Beware of Business Email Compromise Attacks

July/August 2021 - Is Your Cyber Security Policy (or Lack of One) Leaving You Wide Open to Attacks?

June 2021 - Don’t Let Your Employees Become Your Biggest Vulnerability

May 2021 - Managing Risk

This month we have a special video newsletter! Our co-owner, Cam, takes a look at the topic: Managing Risk. Hearing about Cyber ...

March 2021 - The Threat Every Business Faces and Strategies to Protect Your Organization

As a business owner or manager, you have very likely become aware of the increasing necessity of protecting your business from cyber security threats.  But there is another threat that can seriously harm your business - and it’s possible you’re ...

December 2020 - 4 Critical Cyber Security Protections EVERY Business Must Have in Place NOW to Avoid Being Hacked

In 2019, 21% of Canadian businesses reported being impacted by cyber security incidents, according to Statistics Canada.  Small to medium businesses however, face a unique challenge - “Industry leaders describe what they call the ‘cybersecurity gap’ - the lack of ...

November 2020 - Making This One Mistake with your Computer Network Could Give Your Competition an Advantage

How do you handle network issues? If you’re like many small to medium businesses, you wait until something breaks or goes wrong before getting an IT services company on the phone. At a glance, it makes sense. Why pay to ...

October 2020 - 9 Ways Your Data is at Risk by Remote Workers and How to Protect Your Business

Kingston’s businesses have excelled at adapting to the challenges brought on by the sudden lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many responded by transitioning employees to work from home. Some businesses found the model of having remote workers beneficial and ...

September 2020 - Protect Your Business, Lessons Learned from the CRA Breach

Physical hygiene is on our minds now more than ever due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the recently disclosed CRA Breach highlights the importance of another kind of hygiene - cyber hygiene.  Read on to learn how hackers gained access ...

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