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Alert: Giant Tiger’s 2.8 Million Customer Data Leak – Is Your Data Next?

Published on April 16, 2024

What Can You Do in the Event of a Data Compromise? Help for Business Owners and Individuals

In a significant cybersecurity incident, Giant Tiger, a major Canadian retailer, has suffered a data breach resulting in the exposure of 2.8 million customer records. If you’ve ever shopped at one of their stores or if you're just concerned about data security, this is a must-read.

According to their company website, Giant Tiger was founded in 1961 in Ottawa’s Byward market. The discount retailer remains a privately held company with over 270 stores nationwide employing close to 10,000 team members.

Details of the Data Breach

In March 2024, a hacker managed to access and leak a vast amount of data from Giant Tiger, including emails, names, phone numbers, addresses, and detailed website activity. The security incident first became known to the retailer on March 4th, and by March 15th it was confirmed that customer information was involved.

On Friday April 12th 2024, technology news website bleepingcomputer.com noticed a post on a hacker forum related to the data records. The threat actor claimed to have exposed over 2.8 million records offering access in exchange for simple forum credits. This certainly highlights how easily valuable personal information can be disseminated and exploited.

According to Giant Tiger, the incident has been linked to a third-party vendor the company uses to manage engagement and communications with its customers.

Giant Tiger’s Response

Upon discovering the breach, Giant Tiger notified the affected customers, warning them to be wary of any email, mail, text messages or telephone calls purporting to come from the company.

While it’s good news that the breach did not include payment information or passwords, the release of contact details creates a significant risk of phishing and other scams for the affected customers.

What Can You Do in the Event of a Data Compromise?

Here are some steps to protect yourself:

  • Verify Potential Compromise: Use services like HaveIBeenPwned to check if your information was compromised (HIBP is a free online service that tracks leaked data and allows users to check their email addresses for compromises).

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  • Guard Against Phishing: Always treat unexpected communications with suspicion. Verify the authenticity of any suspicious emails using other channels.
  • Consider Identity Monitoring: Identity monitoring services can alert you to unauthorized uses of your personal information, helping prevent identity theft.
  • Stay Updated: Keeping informed about cybersecurity practices and recent data breaches can help you stay proactive about your digital security.

What Actions Should an Organization Take to Avoid Data Breaches?

Best Practices for Business Owners

This breach serves as a cautionary tale for all businesses that customer data can become a liability if not properly protected. As a small or medium business owner, the importance of securing your customer data cannot be overstated. Here are some of the most important steps you can take to protect your business from a similar fate:

  • Regular Security Assessments: Engage with cybersecurity experts like us at allCare IT to conduct thorough security assessments. These assessments can identify vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.Registration 3938434 640
  • Third-Party Management: Ensure any third-party vendors handling sensitive data adhere to stringent security practices. Regular audits and compliance checks can safeguard against third-party vulnerabilities.
  • Implement Strong Password Policies: Enforce complexity requirements, unique passwords with minimum length of 12 or more characters. Encourage use of passphrases.
  • Employee Training: Educate your staff on the importance of security best practices and how to recognize phishing attempts and other common threats. Cybersecurity Awareness Training from experts is an important step.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Companies face not only reputational damage from data breaches but also potential legal repercussions. Understanding and complying with data protection laws is crucial, and breaches like this highlight the need for stringent data security measures.

What is the Key Lesson for SMB’s and Individuals?


The issues now faced by Giant Tiger and its customers underscore the critical necessity of robust cybersecurity measures. Whether you’re an individual or a business owner, it’s essential to take proactive steps to protect sensitive information.

Don’t Be the Next Headline

Don’t wait for a breach to happen. Contact us at allCare IT for a comprehensive security assessment and expert advice on protecting your business against cyber threats. Stay vigilant and informed to keep your data secure.