Does your business have a contingency plan?

As we're sure you've noticed, Ransomware, scams, and hacks are becoming more and more common these days. So how do you protect yourself and your business from these attacks? Backup your data. Most people have a mistaken view of how backups work; they worry it will be a lot of work to set up, it will be excessively expensive, or it will be too complicated to regularly work with.

Data backups do require set up at the beginning however that does not mean it needs to be a long and involved process. Price is variable - it can be as expensive or as cheap as you want it to be, just keep mind that you get what you pay for, so this is one of those areas of your business that spending the extra money will be worth it. Backing-up your data is quite simple to keep up, often times it's automated so you won't need to do anything.

So are there benefits to having back-ups? YES!!

Safety –  This is especially the case when you back up to the Cloud, but even if you have a copy of your data in a different physical location you no longer need to worry about the typical threats of fire, flooding, equipment failure, or power outages. Ransomware or hacks will no longer incapacitate your operations if you have a regularly updated backup stored outside of your business; all you have to do is reload your computers with the most recent back-up and you're on your way.

Higher Reliability – Perhaps the biggest benefit of regular remote data backup is its great reliability. Remote backup can be automated and updated on a daily basis, or you can schedule to have your backup run at a set time.

Saving Money – Saving your data to the Cloud replaces all the equipment you would need if you manually back up your data. You would need a lot of physical storage solutions for your computers, and if you have many computers with large amounts of data, that can be a costly and burdensome solution. The cloud solves all that for you

Ease of Recovery – If data is lost or deleted, due to individual user error or corruption, backups are available and easily located. Multiple levels of redundancy means your online backup service stores multiple copies of your data in locations independent of each other. The more levels you have stored the better as each ensures that your data is safeguarded against loss as much as possible.

Ease of Access – As the Cloud has no singular physical location, remote access is another benefit to online backup. So long as you can connect to the remote server, you have access to all the data that you have stored in the Cloud, without having to do anything differently.

Data backup is no longer optional for businesses hoping to meet the demands of the modern world. Do you need help getting your backup set up or do you want to improve your backup performance? Email us at or call us at 613-817-1212 for a free estimate.

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