Andy Larin is the Co-Founder, CEO, and CTO at allCare IT. From the time he was a young boy, Andy’s entrepreneurial spirit shone as he created and successfully ran multiple childhood businesses. He was always eager to work hard and after a lot of hard work, was able to purchase his first computer at the age of 12, on which he taught himself to program. Andy graduated as a Certified Novell Engineer, and went on to master Windows, Apple and the list goes on...

Andy is known for his deep understanding and passion for all things IT related. His work ethic and demand for perfection are deeply appreciated by his loyal clients. Andy is also known for his deep diving, inquisitive spirit, leading him to become a leader in the field of cybersecurity after endless hours of research and learning. Andy displays a deep commitment to providing the best security and IT service to his clients.

Although extremely industrious, Andy makes time for his true love, his three children and wife of 20 years. They love going for hikes, playing games, laughing and being silly. Andy’s interests extend to travel, history, geography and architecture. He’s always up for an adventure.

Cameron Matheson as the Co-Founder, COO, and CAO of allCare IT, Cam’s duties are best described as clearing current and future obstacles to our team’s success. Cam is a skilled teacher and speaker which benefits both the allCare IT team and the clients he is training. With his patient, precise and pragmatic approach, Cam excels at finding solutions for our clients and streamlining processes within the office.

As a teenager, Cam would rather spend his time programming computers than watching TV. Cam graduated from an Electronics Engineering Technology program and has gone on to acquire decades of experience in the IT field as well as business leadership and teaching. When asked about how long Cam has been working in the technology field, he may tell you that he is older than the Internet and was only six years old when the first message was sent over ARPANET. Cam’s experience is unmatched in the Kingston area.

Having lived all over Canada, in eight different cities and fifteen different addresses, Cam always comes back to Kingston. In his spare time Cam loves to spend time with his amazing wife of 30 years, Traci and his two daughters, eating great food and doing puzzles.

Sean Friesen joined the allCare IT team in 2015. His ability to multitask and lead has made him a natural for his position as Service Manager. Clients love Sean’s depth of knowledge and friendly customer service and sense of humour. Sean’s pride in his work is evident to all he works with - he will make sure his team does the job to the highest standards of excellence.

Sean has spent a lot of his time in the Kingston area as well as in Alberta where he grew up. On the weekends you’re likely to find Sean enjoying a ride on his motorcycle.

Kevin Shaw joined allCare IT in 2017 as a Senior Technician. With decades of experience and management in the IT industry, Kevin is ready to tackle any IT issues our clients may have. He is relentless in pursuing the best solution for our clients and regularly earns rave reviews.

Kevin may have a rough biker exterior, but his honest and caring spirit are clearly visible. He merges his love of motorcycles and helping to make the world a better place with his work with Guardians of the Children (GOC), a child advocacy group who assist abused children and increase public awareness of child abuse, abductions and commercially sexually exploited children.

Alexander Dojlido is our get-it-done tech! Having joined the team in 2018, his time is focused on interacting with clients to quickly resolve any issues. Alex’s strength is troubleshooting, which means there isn’t a problem he can’t confidently find a solution to. Clients love his friendly and calm demeanor and his eagerness to help.

Alex’s interest in computers began as a child when his father would show him how computers work. Alex has proven himself to be a fast learner. He enjoys craft beer, video games, and spending time with friends and family.

Sherri Ryall

allCare IT was thrilled to have Sherri join our team in 2019. Sherri is a graduate of the Computer Science Technology program at Sheridan College and has gained experience working in different environments including computer support for Lester B Pearson Airport in Toronto and Kingston General Hospital.

Sherri’s favorite part of her job is seeing tasks through from beginning to end. She loves the challenge of troubleshooting and resolving any issues that prevent clients’ machines from functioning at their optimal performance. Sherri’s experience with computers started as a child, she taught herself to program and develop websites.

Although Sherri loves IT, her greatest passion is animals - from hamsters to horses, they’ve always been a big part of her life. Her dream is to open a pig rescue.

Craig Gillespie

Craig joined the allcare IT team in the fall of 2015. His years of sales experience and love of people are beneficial in his role as Sales Manager. For eight years from 2008-2015 Craig and his wife volunteered in the Dominican Republic in a remote area teaching the deaf sign language. Outside of work and their volunteer efforts Craig & his wife love to travel and he is an avid sports fan, Go Bears!

Bejan Etezad got an early start developing his interest in electronics and the digital world. With dreams of becoming an inventor, curious little Bejan spent his childhood deconstructing and reconstructing electronic equipment and has spent years expanding his technical knowledge and skills.

Anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting Bejan has enjoyed his warm smile and friendly manner. His love of people is clearly evident and makes working with Bejan a pleasure for both the allCare IT team and our clients. His position as a software project manager (or as he affectionately calls it: herding kittens) is rewarding, but a bit tiring so Bejan enjoys spending his downtime on his hobbies of DJing and audio mixing.

Tanner Henhawke is literally a programming genius. A man of few words, Tanner is arguably the most talented Fullstack developer in the area and a speed demon on the keyboard!

Tanner hails from Tillsonburg, Ontario and began his career path as a child, using his summer vacations to program and build apps. Tanner currently lives with his wife in Inverary, ON and enjoys playing board games and video games in his free time.

Marshall Henhawke is a website design guru. Being a stylish guy, Marshall uses this talents to design and code beautiful, easily navigable, modern websites as well as custom web and mobile applications. He started designing websites as a hobby and it has evolved into his career.

Marshall’s duties also include photography manipulation, vector graphic design, and animation. In his spare time Marshall loves playing video games.

Eric Sloan brings a warm, friendly smile to the office environment as he uses his programming skills to design the perfect website for your business. His interest in computers and programming began in high school and has led to a career in programming. Eric’s duties include developing both the front and back end of websites and custom applications for our clients. Eric loves people and enjoys being part of the allCare IT team as well as interacting with clients.

In his spare time, Eric loves spending time with his wife and friends.

Sabrina Matheson, a lifelong Kingstonian, joined allCare IT as a student placement in 2016 and later graduated from St Lawrence College’s Computer Networking and Technical Support (CNTS) program.

She has leaned toward the IT industry since high school and has enjoyed coupling her artistic and creative side with IT. She uses her multiple talents at allCare IT as a graphic designer, programming tester, and marketing assistant.

She indulges her creative side in her spare time with reading, writing, sketching, digital art, 3D modelling, video games, knitting, baking and crafts. Sabrina is also fluent in American Sign Language.

Traci Matheson’s attention to detail and trustworthy personality make her a perfect fit as allCare IT’s bookkeeper. Traci is enthusiastic and friendly, making the customer experience truly enjoyable.

After living in Saskatchewan, California, Quebec and then Kingston, Traci has acquired many interesting stories as well as multiple languages including French, American Sign Language, and some Spanish.

In her spare time, Traci loves to spend time with her husband and two daughters and her many friends. Her hobbies include watching movies, playing the piano, travelling and sewing.

Laura Larin is allCare IT’s Director of Marketing and Office Administrator. Born and raised in Kingston, she attended St Lawrence College, graduating with honours from the Medical and Legal Office Administration program. Definitely the least technical of the allCare IT team, she doesn’t let that stop her from using her multitasking, organizational and interpersonal skills to add another dimension to the customer service experience. Laura is a newer student to marketing and enjoys putting what she learns to work in this area. She also focuses on making sure the office runs smoothly, and the allCare IT team is well taken care of.

Laura is a busy lady, putting priority on being a mom to three energetic children and her husband, Andy, of 20 years. Loving animals, health and our planet, Laura is passionate about plant based nutrition and reducing, reusing and recycling.