A Public Service Offer To Businesses Coping With COVID-19

Dear Fellow Business Owners and Managers,

By now we have all made adjustments in our businesses due to the spread of COVID-19. Whether deemed an ‘essential service’ trying to continue to serve the community while balancing the safety of your employees, or having to completely shut down and transition employees to work from home where possible, nothing is normal right now. There will continue to be uncertainty in the weeks and months to come. One thing that is sure is that this is a critical time for businesses and owners struggling to adjust and survive.

As business owners ourselves, we would like to offer some assistance to our fellow business owners and managers. As a public service, we are offering to help businesses set employees up to work from home safely and securely by helping set up the required infrastructure.

In most cases, we can perform this setup remotely with no requirement for anyone to come onsite. Here is what we’re offering:

For Businesses who are not allCare IT Clients

  • To allow you and your employees to work from home while accessing your office network, we are offering licenses for our remote access software free of charge until employees are permitted to return to work by the government. (At which time we will remove the software at no charge, or we can discuss if you would like to keep it.)
  • Most setups, with your assistance, can be completed in less than a few hours.
  • We will set up the remote software free of charge, depending on how many people need to be set up, we may charge a nominal, but highly discounted set up fee.
  • There is no commitment to buy anything or work with allCare IT in the future with this offer.
  • Fill out the form below or call us at 613-817-1212 and we will contact you to schedule set up as soon as possible.

For Businesses who are allCare IT Clients

  • All Managed Service clients have access to our remote software included in their services. If you are not already set up to work remotely, please contact us immediately and we will prioritize you.
  • If you are not in a Managed Service contract, we will provide licenses to our remote software free of charge until employees are permitted to return to work, please submit a support ticket and we will get it handled right away.

For additional advice on working remotely, please see our latest newsletters at https://www.allcareit.com/newsletters/.

If you have other questions, or need advice on how to work remotely and securely, please feel free to give either of us a call personally at 613-817-1212. We are here to help!

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Stay safe and healthy. We'll get through this together!
With Warm Regards,

Andy Larin & Cameron Matheson
Owners, allCare IT Corp.