A month devoted to security education

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month! We know it doesn’t sound exciting, but it is very important. The month of October is set aside to educate the public in regards to how and why it is important to protect yourself while using the internet.

Why is it important? The internet is now tied to almost every aspect of our daily lives, creating many fronts that must be protected. From home users to businesses, the stakes are high if your personal or business information is stolen. Regularly we hear of security breaches on the news. It can be very damaging and embarrassing to your business if any of your accounts are hacked. Emails can be sent to your contacts, your clients’ information can be stolen and your vital business information can be held for ransom. As reported in August’s newsletter, new data breach disclosure laws come into effect November 1st that will affect all Canadian businesses. Just like you wear a seatbelt when driving, there are precautions you can take to be more safe and secure while online.

So how can you protect yourself? Hopefully you’ve kept up to date reading the newsletters allCare IT sends monthly. Many suggestions have been included in these. If not, please review the following articles and put the safeguards into place immediately:

1. How to identify and respond to phishing emails.

2. Why it is critical to install the latest operating system updates.

3. Various cyber security tips.

4. How to guard your personal information and make strong passwords.

5. Keep an eye out for upcoming newsletters on the benefits of Multi-factor authentication
(MFA), the importance of buying devices and apps from reputable sources, using a password vault and planning ahead for departing employees.

Of course, as your technology partner, allCare IT is ready to help to assess and protect any areas your business, your employees or your devices that may be vulnerable. Cyber Security Awareness Month is a great time to review your online safety practices.

For a security audit or more information, please email helpdesk@allcareit.com or call 613-817-1212

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