Hacking isn't limited to the digital space

Look at your desk right now, what do you see? Papers, keys, computer, phone, a USB, post it notes? If that's the case you could have a real security risk on your hands. Our newsletters often focused on teaching you how to protect yourself in the digital world, however the greatest digital security can quickly be reduced to nothing if a hacker gains control of your unsecured physical work space.

Let's start with those papers. Odds are high that they contain at least a small amount of confidential company information. Maybe it's client names and information, maybe it's finances, either way if those papers are on your desk it means its accessible to anyone who wanders past and decides to be curious. Develop the habit of organizing your paperwork - that means filing the things you're done with in a locked filing cabinet or shredding papers that are no longer used.

Next let's talk about your keys. Clearly you don't want your car or house key stolen, but what about the key to the office or the server room? Keep your keys on you at all times.

Are your computer and phone password locked? Yes? Wonderful! But do you make sure it's actually locked before you walk away? It's quite easy to do; on Windows machines just press the Win+L keys (Win is on the bottom left of your keyboard and looks like the Windows logo), on Macs press Shift+Ctrl+Eject, on your phone tap the power button so the screen goes black. These will send your machine into sleep mode, and if your settings are properly configured it will ask you for your password when it wakes up again. If it doesn't, give us a call and we'll help you get it set up.

USBs are extremely insecure as a general rule. They're easily lost, very rarely are encrypted or password protected, and often carry important files and information. Keep track of your USB keys; don't leave them out on your desk or in your computer when you go for coffee.

Similar to stacks of papers, post-it notes can have sensitive information on them. One of the most common we see is your computer login. If you are doing this please read our Developing Good Passwords article.

Digital and physical security go hand in hand, if you only focus on one you're wasting your time. If you need advice on how to make your office environment more secure give us a call 613-817-1212 or email helpdesk@allcareit.com

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