Why do computers crash? Computers crash due to errors in the operating system or the computer hardware. Over time software and hardware can develop faults and they often go unnoticed for long periods of time. If you try to work with the faulty section however, it can result in a seemingly "random" crash.

So how do you avoid it? Here are some good ways to start:

  • Delete all unused and unnecessary files regularly
  • Upgrade your Operating System
  • Don't run too many programs at once – The more applications you have running in the background the more likely you are to overload your computer’s resources and to potentially cause a crash
  • Keep your Windows Registry clean
  • Make sure your computer is being properly cooled
  • Keep your computer clean and dust free

Regularly practicing these techniques should drastically reduce how often your computer crashes, but if you're still having issues be sure to give a us call and we would be happy to help. We also offer managed services, for a fixed monthly cost we will monitor your computer’s health and greatly reduce the chances of crashes.

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