Is Google+ useful for you?

Google+ the "expensive, failed platform", why would you waste your time with a social network with such a bad rep? Because contrary to what people might think Google+ can be extremely useful in growing a small business. How? Simple - it's related to the Google search engine. Here's how Google+ for businesses can actually be a smart marketing tool.

Most people nowadays will find a business through a search engine instead of a phone book or some other means. And why not? Google can immediately give you the location, hours and can even occasionally give reviews of multiple businesses near your current location. So that leads to the next question: How can I stand out from those other businesses?

Don't let Google do the work for you.
If you search your business right now there is a good chance that Google will already have a basic reference to it. It may also have it's location and phone number, but that's usually it. If you want to stand out among the sea of small businesses it pays to give all the information you can, e.g. pictures, videos, basic description, website link, email etc. to help catch your potential customer's eye. By using Google+ you can customize your Google listing to have all the information you think is necessary to draw people to your business.

If you're hesitant to engage, consider this: Every Internet user with a basic account for Gmail, YouTube or any other Google Web service already has a Google+ page. So don't get left in the dust, creating an official business page with google only takes minutes. Then you can spend as long as you want to spend adding information and other eye-catching features that will set you apart from your competition.

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