How and when should you charge your device?

"Its best to charge your device when it's 0%". "Never let your battery reach 0%". "Charging your battery overnight will kill it!" When to charge your devices. It's an important question.

With so many people saying so many different things how can you possibly know what to do when it comes to caring for your laptop, phone or tablet? The good news is that batteries are stronger and more durable than they've ever been before. Look how the average battery life has grown over the last four years!

Some basic things to keep in mind:
Keep your chargers and ports clean.
Avoid using your device in overly hot or cold weather (i.e not hotter than 35° C, and not colder than ­15° C).
Don't leave your device at zero charges for weeks - ­store it with a partial charge.

“Leaving your phone plugged in overnight is okay to do, it will not drastically harm your device,” says Shane Broesky, co­founder of Farbe Technik, a company that makes charging accessories. “Your phone is very smart. Once it’s fully charged, it knows when to stop the current from coming in to protect your phone from overcharging.”

Batteries will always wear down eventually. For laptop users you're looking at 2­3 years, phone and tablet users will most likely replace the device before replacing the battery which should last about 5­7 years. But you may not be worried about the lifespan of the battery; you be more interested in knowing "How can I make the battery charge last all day?" That will be the subject of next month's newsletter.

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